March 27, 2020

SEO is all about building a strong online asset, doing your keyword research, and making sure to understand what your competition is up to. It is the last step that often leads businesses down the wrong path and they make unwanted mistakes.

For those ready to outdo their competitors with a bit of hard work, it’s time to look at key advice that helps. Here are the most important tips to keep in mind while analyzing your competition.

Assess Their Backlink Profile

The first thing you need to do is take a look at their backlink profile.

This means you want to assess what types of websites are linking to their homepage and/or inner pages. The goal is to see whether or not the backlinks are good enough for them to merit a spot higher than you.

In general, the best links are going to have a higher DA and PA because that is going to signify quality. You want to make sure to see how many of those backlinks are present and whether or not they have done a good job of diversifying link types.

If there are issues with their backlinks then it may be time to swoop in and start targeting keywords on their website. Otherwise, you can always ask the same websites for backlinks since they are more than willing to do so in your niche.

Find Content Gaps

Content gaps are a beautiful way to analyze your competition and start ranking high for important keywords. All websites have gaps in terms of what’s on their website and what isn’t.

Look for keywords that aren’t being targeted because they haven’t had the chance to go after them. This is a wonderful way to sneak right past your competition and start bringing in loads of traffic.

Examine Site Structure

When you are analyzing your competition for better SEO, it’s important to look into their Site structure. This means you want to see how each category is organized, how many posts are present, and how everything interlinks. This information is important as it sheds light on what is allowing them to rise on Google and/or Bing.

If you don’t have a user-friendly design (i.e. fast load times, easy to use website) everything will fall apart. This happens all the time and it is not worth it.

Focus on the On-Site Content

You have to take the time to find something that is relevant and easy to understand. The best on-site content is going to be well-targeted, easy to read, and offers value to the reader.

This is something your website may not offer as well as the competition. Even if you are offering high-grade content, there is always something to learn from your competition.

Make subtle changes and watch as your rankings start improving. This can even be something as simple as adding more targeted internal links to pass link juice from one page to another on your website. This can start pushing you higher up the rankings.

Final Thoughts

These tips are going to go a long way in making sure your SEO campaign improves rapidly. There is nothing better than taking information that’s learned online about your competition and using it as a launching pad to improve your online asset. This is something some of the world’s finest SEO experts believe is a must and it has to be done right away.

Take the time to go through each one of your competitor’s websites, learn what they do well, and start optimizing your website for the future. Over time, this is going to drive in higher rankings and improved traffic numbers.

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